3DN is a new entity active in the fascinating field of 3d printing and 3d scanning. It was established in 2017 by a team of people with knowledge and enthusiasm in regards to these new revolutionary technologies and the new horizons that are enabled by them. 3d printing is a reality for the last few years that came to change the way that we produce anything in the future whereas it practically enables to anyone to acquire their own production chain. Many have named this new production era that arises as the period of the “true democratization of the production” and they could possibly be right!

Our team combines a multitude of interrelated competencies and skills such as:

  • Design of maquets / architectural design / tridimensional design
  • Electromechanical studies of small (residential) and large (industrial) scale buildings
  • Project management and development of computational models/prototyping of client needs
  • Programming and application development/hardware management
  • Electronic board design
  • Modelism and photography

The aforementioned competencies, our dedication to customer needs as well as our professional philosophy guarantees the optimum technical result and the maximum degree of satisfaction for our customers.

It is our aim to create unique and quality products adjusted to the needs and expectations of our clients.