Lithophanes is one of our most cherished creations as they always evoke feelings of joy to the owner due to their impressive performance! It is in essence about a relatively new technical decoration of porcelain and earthen objects, which appeared in the 19th century from Central Europe and which allowed the “incorporation” of performances in the trunk of the object, the details of which They became fully visible in the presence of a light source in reverse of the performance. In their modern regeneration thanks to three-dimensional printers, it is necessary again the presence of a light source in reverse of the show only that the materials are now different. A specific technical processing of the performance is required to megistopoiithei the performance of light, something we specialize in. We will take great pleasure in converting any photo (a minimum level of detail is required to be able to convert) to a Lithophane object. But the best we saved for the end: Due to the power of today’s 3d printers we can produce lithophanes in a variety of shapes and surfaces! Levels, curvilinear, conical, pyramid, etc. Depending on the final application.