Apart from our "basic" services, we are able to help our customers to their more specific needs, thanks to our network of collaborations. Some examples:

  • Ανάπτυξη πρωτοτύπων
    Prototype development: This service is aimed at those who want to develop a prototype in the context of a broader product development strategy. It is addressed mainly to individuals-inventors, who would like to produce a functional prototype of their idea (for the purpose of carrying out tests, presenting it to potential investors etc) or to craftsmen/industrial customers, where the available techniques and materials differ and each case is treated separately. Linked services such as preparing a dossier for copyright registration or technical studies could be provided.
  • Επιδιόρθωση παιχνιδιών
    Game repair: In several cases of high-value games (whether economic or emotional) they become non-functional because they are missing a small accessory, or why they broke a small brace or because they are very old and it is impossible to Re-purchased etc. We can offer a reliable recovery solution in the original operating condition. We will evaluate each game separately and let you know what is possible in this case. Hopefully, we will deliver it back to you as new for many hours of gameplay!
  • Υποστήριξη σε εξοπλισμό
    Support for equipment and/or software: Do you wish to engage more actively with the 3D printing space? Want to buy your own equipment but need help as to what to choose? Do you consider the world of filaments chaotic and complex? We will support you in any such case with tips, secrets, traps that you should avoid etc.